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Our Work

These are some of the projects Gen Z circle has worked on.

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The holy chef

The holy chef is an Instagram account for food blogging.  Gen Z circle has designed a logo, creative collaterals as well as promotions for the book (fragments of culinary history) published by the holy chef and it's social media account. Do check it out on Amazon.


7 Day Meals

7-day meals is a collaborative and cashless NGO that aims to feed the needy. They are working towards feeding as many people in need by increasing their reach and getting more people to collaborate. Gen Z circle has designed a logo for 7-day meals along with their collaterals for their social media. Support their program if possible.



(Science)rely yours

(Science)rely yours is a website created to make science fun with the help of experiments that can easily be conducted at home. Gen Z circle has designed a logo for them along with collaterals and social media marketing.

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